Humble Request: This Community is NOT for Everyone.

The Route to Shopper® community has a very specific purpose and that is to boost Sales Professionals’ confidence & happiness by enhancing their capability for “Shopper Based Value Creation”. Therefore, the community is relevant for people directly involved in sales efforts or people who support sales efforts of their organisations.

We want all members of the community to get maximum benefit out of being a “Shopador*”, therefore, the membership of the community is selective. You can join the community by:

  • Registering for an account on the Route to Shopper® website to receive latest blogs/thought pieces and to be able to initiate and participate in Shopador discussions: Register here

For the reasons stated above, the membership is on approval basis. Each membership request will be individually reviewed and actioned.

* Shopador – A member of the Route to Shopper® community who fights for the best experience of Shoppers.

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