The morning is beautiful, a fantastic sales opportunity in mind,
Yet, I long for the freedom that I’m struggling to find,
My passion ignites at the thought of the deal,
But admin tasks bind me, a frustrating ordeal.

Forms and processes, they clutter my day,
When all I desire is to chase leads and get a Yay,
Endless paperwork, procedures to learn,
While my spirit for selling begins to yearn …….. (Contd…. in post)

My daily Morning Tea ritual now most days I am in the UK, is to enjoy my cup of tea in a supermarket store cafe while in the beautiful and amazing company of Shoppers who are getting the hum drum of the store started. As I watch them, their beauty comes across in many forms:

Hello everyone, I am Ankur Shiv Bhandari and welcome to this first blog of Route to Shopper®. Let me start by saying that this is NOT for everyone. If you are a sales professional or part of an organisation supporting sales efforts or an entrepreneur with a sales agenda, we will get along well. As […]