Beauty lies in the eyes of the cup holder

My daily Morning Tea ritual now most days I am in the UK, is to enjoy my cup of tea in a supermarket store cafe while in the beautiful and amazing company of Shoppers who are getting the hum drum of the store started. As I watch them, their beauty comes across in many forms:

The rushed ones, the chilled ones;


Maximising the carrying capacity in their embrace ones, trolley filled to the brim ones;


Chitty- chatty on the till ones, fiddling with the self-service ones;


Just the bread ones, getting the whole wardrobe first thing in the morning ones;


Quick scan-pay and move ones, reviewing the receipt 10 times ones;


Sleepy in their pyjamas ones, Dressed to impress for work and school-run ones;


Above all, getting ready to tackle whatever the day brings ones ❤️


⁃ Ankur Shiv Bhandari
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